The Summer of Success

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Hi, loves.

I’m here, alive and have not been swallowed by life or the internets.

Sure, life’s been busy these last few months. But whenever I hear that as an excuse (myself or otherwise) I always think, “Get in line honey, you me and everyone else is busy! That’s life so let’s all focus on enjoying it.”

And enjoying it I am. I’ve officially dubbed this the Summer of Success—success to be defined however you want. My goals are mainly focusing on a passionate career, but maybe your goals are relationships, self care, or a combination of all three. Success is what we make of it and how we as individuals define it. No one can tell us what makes us feel successful, fulfilled, sexy, or alive. They can try, but when it comes right down to it, we’re in charge of our lives and how we live it. Period.

Personally, I burn with the desire to connect, empower, beautify, communicate and be the mirror for people to see how flippin’ awesome they are. It feels good to let go of gripping so tightly onto who I think I am, and allowing myself to actually be my self! Go figure, haha.

With quite a bit trial and error over the years, I’ve realized that every day is a fresh start, an opportune moment to just. do. it. To go for it! To actualize the dreams and buckle fear into the passenger’s seat next to me for a joy ride together.

My Summer of Success short list includes:

  • 1. hone in on my core group of support, my container, my board-of-trustees, to encourage and fast-forward my creation process
  • 2. kick off the Wise Women Legacy (more on this soon!)
  • 3. do yoga 3x’s a week and meditate/connect/ground 10 mins a day
  • 4. love the sh*t out of my current clients
  • 5. believe, trust, believe, trust — organize, GO!

  • Here’s to a big, beautiful, and insanely bright Summer of Success! If you’ve got plans for your own Summer of Success I’d love to know in the comments below!

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    1. go girl! get it !!! love this list.

    2. Talk about a kismet email. I was actually thinking of you this week and how neither of our blogs have been updated for a while. I need to get myself back on track and I’m happy to hear/see you’ve been accomplishing wonderful things.

      • Hi Beth! I was thinking about you recently too :). So glad to hear from you! And you know what I’ve discovered? Only blog if it moves you. Sometimes we have to get quiet (and work on other things) to get the clarity and excitement back for momentum of “getting back on track”! xo

    3. Oh, how I’ve missed you! So nice to hear wise words oozing with passion and love. Would love to SEE you soon. XOXO.

      • Yes, Alicia!! I need an Alicia SIGHTING and SITTING with a cup of something frosty and fruity with you! Let’s grab a smoothie one day around lunch, if you have time! So excited you’re working with Hosan on Table Tribes, can’t wait to photograph all your gloriousness :). xo

    4. Hi Tricia,

      Have been meaning to comment on this great post since I read it earlier this week. Thanks for the reminder to get focused on my own definition of success. My Summer of Success plans include (finally!) seeking out clients for the scavenger hunt business I’ve dreamed about for over a year now, and running like hell (read: run a half-marathon).

      • Keep me posted about your scavenger hunt business! That sounds totally freakin’ awesome, girlie. And the half-marathon–you go!! Just got some Vibram five finger shoes and am loving them :).

    5. Oh, Tricia! I love, love, love thinking about this new season in such a shiny way! You have inspired me to start creating a list of what will make this my SOS! Perhaps I will even create a journey collage to solidify it…

      • LOVE the collage you made and sent me the other day! Wow, you are seriously on fire! Can’t wait to hear about your new digs in downtown Bean Town and your new journey’s with yoga. Huge hugs!!xo

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